Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Rumor: Bing to Announce Real-time Search Deal with Twitter, Facebook


According to Kara Swisher at All Things D, ’s Qi Lu will take the stage at at Web Summit 2.0 this afternoon at 11:30am and announce a new real-time search deal with Twitter and Facebook.

While Swisher and other blogs are saying that these rumors are confirmed, as of right now (1:43pm EST), they are not officially confirmed. But you know how it goes when you get the “no comment” comment. Swisher is rarely wrong, so it’s very likely this rumor is true.

Of course, Microsoft already has a deal with Facebook. They have a 1.6% investment in the social network and their search is integrated into the site.

In September, Microsoft began testing social sharing features that would allow searchers to share results with and Facebook, among others. Additionally, Microsoft launched in July, which is a mashup of search with Twitter’s API.

It’s probably safe to assume that any real-time search deal with Twitter and Facebook would involve more than just utilizing APIs.

Stay Tuned!

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