Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Display Ads Experiencing Sharp Decline in Clicks, comScore Finds


In 2007, , Starcom USA and conducted a study on display clicks. This past March, they updated the data and have recently released the new info.

Clicks on display ads have seen a decline. In the 2007 study, 32% of internet users clicked on ads. In 2009, just 16% clicked. 8% of the Internet user base accounts for 85% of the clicks.

But don’t assume the decline means that display advertising is not a viable online advertising medium.

“Today, marketers who attempt to optimize their advertising campaigns solely around the click are assigning no value to the 84 percent of Internet users who don’t click on an ad. That’s precisely the wrong thing to do, because other comScore research has shown that non-clicked ads can also have a significant impact,” ” said Linda Anderson, comScore VP of marketing solutions and author of the study. “As a result, savvy marketers are moving to an evaluation of the impact that all ad impressions – whether clicked or not – have on consumer behavior, mirroring the manner in which traditional advertising has been measured for decades using reach and frequency metrics.”

Google recently announced a new reporting feature for its Content Network that measures conversions for views of display ads that did not get clicks.

What do you think of comScore’s data and analysis? Are display ads still worth it despite the decline in click-through rates? Let us know your analysis in the comments below.

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