Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Interactive Marketing Slowing down during Recession?


is a crucial piece of any major marketing strategy in any small, mid and Fortune 500 companies. The Internet also known as the “World Wide Web” have been around since WWII, although it wasn’t until the 1990′s that this tool made its entrance to the mass population worldwide. Internet pioneers such as AOL , Netscape , Yahoo and Altavista established their names in the industry and opened the gateway to the electronic / online world. It wasn’t until late 1990′s that the name Google popped up in people’s mind. The promise of a simple white landing page with a search box was light enough to navigate fast through the 14.4 and 28.8 kbps modems at the time. Soon enough Google was a hit and the genius minds behind introduced Google Adwords and Pay per Click Advertising. These methodology was used to a certain extent by some companies mostly online casinos and adult sites looking to promote their online products, but this will change forever as more and more businesses starting opting their URLs into this platform and buying the best keywords related to their business or products. Search Engines popularity grew exponentially and with this a new wave of the so called “internet marketing professionals” in the field. Search engines work like a huge library with zillions of documents in their databases, therefore in order to show the most relevant results they must implement algorithmic functions that determine documents assets and content in order to show ranking relevancy on their search results. The “Search Engine Optimization” technique is the so called hot topic of the day, every company seeks for “SEO Specialists” and nowadays there is big money on the table for people with such skills. On the same page, there are lot of “SEO specialists” that are nothing but a scam promising the top rankings and getting 0 results for companies.

The new millennium brought a new era in advertising agencies now this phrase divides itself in 2 categories: Traditional Advertising Agencies and Interactive Marketing Agencies. For the sake of this document we are going to focus on the Interactive Marketing side. These type of marketing agencies focus their expertise and services around the internet and offer different assets and strategies to launch and measure successful campaigns and online presence. Typically you would expect to find list of services ranging from:

Creative Design
Web Development
SEM Management
Online Media buys
Banner Design
Web Analytics
Email Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Viral Marketing
Social Media Optimization

These are the most common services offered by these agencies, In our years of experience in the business we have found out a big number of companies that want to cover all these services but fail to deliver efficient results so my advise is to be really careful the agency one chooses for these services or else it could cause a bad experience.

In today’s business marketplace most companies are trying to cut down on costs and budget, for this reason the Interactive Marketing agency has been impacted to a negative degree since lot of budgets and online initiatives have been either put on hold or frozen until further notice by executive managers of companies and corporations. From the agency side all of a sudden clients are more interested into bringing this knowledge and talent in-house rather than dealing with management feeds and hourly rates from agencies. this strategy makes sense since companies realized the future and impact of the online channel and want to make sure that during tough times they capitalize on these market by owning this talent on their payrolls rather than outsourcing this outside.

This is most of the dilemma agencies suffered nowadays with the bad economic situation of the country. If we add this along with the aggressive competition from overseas companies that give the work away for $10/hour the situation seems to be getting tougher. Overseas cheap labor… yes!!! this sure sounds great for any company’s perception when trying to save money but in reality is not. Overseas companies will never match nor exceed expectations of US clients as any US based agency would and this is based on 2 facts:

1 – Communication Bridge is pretty weak when working remotely.
2 – Professional Skills and Training to work with US based corporations are much higher with uS Based agencies than by overseas ones.

At SDH Interactive we are strong believers that true quality and professionalism always shines for itself and there is no need for any quality US Agency to lower its standards to try to compete with Overseas firms.Agencies are valuable and a crucial component in meeting companies goals and expectations year after year. Creativity and Marketing drive businesses revenues and corporate growth. Therefore, this channel must be appreciated and valued as it is a crucial factor in today’s business world.

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